Gaining Access

1) Click here to register.

2) You will receive an automated email to which you need to click the link to verify your email address and activate your account.

3) Download the PoSh Hunter VM ( and log in using the credentials below. For your convenience, there is an OVF and VMDK version available. I recommend VMWare Player (free) or VMWare Workstation (30 free trial).

        User: administrator
        Pass: PA$$word0123456

4) Once you are logged in, PowerShell_ISE.exe and PowerShell.exe will open.

5) This is a trial VM so you will need to "rearm" the license. To do so, type "slmgr /rearm" within PowerShell and restart the system. This will set the VM license to expire in 180 days.

How to Play? (Short and Sweet)

- After logging in, view the challenges by clicking the "Challenges" tab

- Start with the "Help" challenge at the bottom to get setup on our Slack and to get an easy point

- Use the PoSh Hunter VM to answer the challenges (minus the general PowerShell knowledge questions)

- Answer as many PoSh Hunter questions as you can

- The point value for questions varies based on difficulty

- Check the standings by clicking the “Scoreboard” tab